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Florida Bail Bondsman

When you are arrested in Florida you have 3 options: 1) Stay in jail until the case is done. 2) Pay the entire amount of the bond out of pocket. 3) Hire a Florida Bail Bondsman to get your friend or family member out for 10% of the bond or $100 (whichever is greater on single charge cases). Hiring a bondsman is the least expensive way to get someone out of jail. If the case is not dismissed a cash bond can and often will be applied towards fines and court cost. As long as all court dates are complied with the 10% is all that you will ever owe the bondsman. Many bondsman are willing to accept payment plans on most cases. The cost of a defense can be expensive and using a Florida Bail Bondsman allows your friend or family member to get out of jail for a fraction of the cost.

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In 2010 the average daily jail population in Florida County and city jails was over 58,000. This was a slight decrease from peak jail population in 2009 of just over 60,000 inmates incarcerated per day. When someone is arrested and has a bond they cannot use a get out of jail free card but a Florida Bail Bondsman is the next best thing. Most cases will have a bond unless it is a violation of probation, punishable by life or the State Attorney's Office files a motion showing that the public cannot be protected if the accused is not in custody. In many cases the accused can get a bond even if they are not entitled to it (Violation of probation VOP or punishable by life PBL). An attorney can request a bond hearing and can present a case showing that the defendant is not a flight risk and not a danger to the community.

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